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Edmond Gemini Devereux and Tatienne Quirion-Devereux Click to view the family tree

Married 1979

Husband:   Edmond Gemini Devereux

Born: 1964
Father: Aurèle Gemini Devereux
Mother: Madeline Maiden name-Devereux

Fraternal Twin (Joséphine)

Wife:   Tatienne Quirion-Devereux

Born: 1964


Male  Child 1:   Nicodème Devereux

Born: 1981
Spouse: Jeanne Auclair-Devereux
Children: Morgaine Gemini Devereux, Nadine Devereux

Triplets (Amarante and Séverin)

Female  Child 2:   Amarante Devereux-Moreaux

Born: 1981
Spouse: Thanatos Moreaux

Triplets (Nicodème and Séverin)

Not a Seer

Weak Empath

Not Married

Male  Child 3:   Séverin Devereux

Born: 1981
Spouse: Lydia Delamater-Devereux
Children: Gisèle Gemini Devereux, Gautier Devereux, Prosper Gemini Devereux, Justine Devereux

Triplets (Nicodème and Amarante)

Male  Child 4:   Joachim Devereux

Born: 1989

Single Birth

Not Married